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No monitor - eSee Digital Acuity Chart - Lite

Already have a monitor? No sweat. Check below to make sure your monitor or TV is compatible with our chart (most are).

Plug it in, configure for your exam lane, and you're good to go. The lite version of the eSee Digital Acuity Chart has multiple optotypes, duochrome testing, educational images and much more with no bulbs to replace, no noise, and no sticker shock.

No monitor - eSee Digital Acuity Chart - Lite

    • Letter chart
    • Number chart
    • Tumbling E's
    • HOTV chart
    • Picture & symbol chart for pediatric patients
    • 3 versions of each chart to minimize memorization
    • Muscle light
    • Duochrome
    • Worth 4 Dot
    • Astigmatic dial
    • Educational images
    • Colorful shapes for pediatrics
    • Programmable function buttons for quick navigation
    • Silent
    • Configurable for distances as small as 6' or as large as 45'
    • Mirroring
    • No bulbs to replace
    • Up and running in minutes
    • 30-day no-questions-asked return policy
    • 1-year warranty
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